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Stockwood Vale Golf Club
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The Senior Captain’s Charity 2021  Mind

Over the last year especially, Mental Health, for all ages and all types of people, working or not, retired or still at school was (and continues to be) such a big issue. Mind provides assistance so that no-one has to face a mental health problem alone.
Considering the lack of previously “standard” fund-raising opportunities e.g. weekly football cards (£20 per week = £1,000 over the year), the Captain’s Bunker bottle on the bar, the deeply-missed Dave Hurst’s Quiz nights and Masters / Open / Euros competitions, as well as the club being completely closed for four months, with restricted opening for long periods, and no social events, you – the members – have been incredibly generous in supporting this charity this year.
Fantastic total raised: £5,215 (£5,070 + £145 Gift Aid) from a variety of sources, including people donating competition winnings, a collection bucket on the first tee for some Seniors Medal competitions (nearly £400)), football scratch cards (£80, only just restarted). The two biggest contributing events (with thanks to Julie Poole and the Ladies section for their help in running these, Terry Edenborough for most of the Open sponsors, John Harper for massive stashes of booze for the raffles). Biggest two fund-raisers were –
Charity Day 28/06/21 £1,976 (£1,470 four-balls; £456 Raffle)

Seniors Open 14/07/21 £1,334 (£800 Sponsorship; £450 Raffle)

The Senior Captain’s Charity 2020
My charity this year is called The Lily Foundation. This is a national charity which is committed to finding a cure for mitochondrial disease by funding research, raising awareness and funding victim and family support. Mitochondrial disease has deeply affected myself and my wife Wendy in that it caused the death of our daughter Gemma and son Wayne both at the age of 21. The disease affects thousands of people and has many effects including seizures, vision and hearing loss, disabilities and eventually organ failure.

The Senior Captain’s Charity 2019




Barry JenkinsIt is a privilege for me to be your Seniors Captain for 2019, I am looking forward to my year as Seniors Captain and I will endeavour to carry out the duties this post entails to the best of my abilities.

My Charity this year will be the Anthony Nolan Trust.

I have chosen this as I have a cousin who was lucky enough to benefit from a life saving bone marrow transplant 10 years ago. To mark this anniversary he walked the Cumbrian Way, a 74 mile trail through the heart of the Lake District, a target he had set himself when he reached this landmark, and in the process raised funds for Anthony Nolan in appreciation of their involvement.
I wish to continue raising money and awareness for this very worthy cause.

The Anthony Nolan Organisation briefly:

Maintain their register to enable them to match incredible individuals willing to donate their blood stem cells or bone marrow to people who desperately need life saving transplants.

Educate young people about the lifesaving difference they can make by joining their register.

Conduct groundbreaking research to improve the success rates of transplants and improve the lives of all people with blood cancer.

Are there with support, advice and information for people with blood cancer and their families.

Barry Jenkins, Seniors Captain 2019

2017/18 Charity The Royal Navy / Royal Marines Children’s Fund. 
After very successful fundraising year as Senior Captain,
Mike Newell presents a cheque for £4000 to Olly Slym
representing Children’s Hospice South West – 7th December 2016

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The Seniors Charity cause for 2015/2016 is Children’s Hospice South West under the captaincy of Mike Newell.
By way of an introduction:
Hi – I’m Mike Newell.

For those who don’t know me I was elected Senior’s Captain at the recent Seniors AGM after a year of being Vice Captain to Brian Clutterbuck.
I have been married to Helen for 35 years and have 3 grown up children and 2 grandchildren.
Prior to taking up golf in my mid forties I spent 29 years playing amateur football, mainly in the Bristol Downs League.
I have been a member of Stockwood Vale for the past 22 years, being Club Captain in 2000.
My career involved working in a Government Laboratory and then Laboratory Sales for over 25 years.
My charity for this year is The Children’s Hospice South West, a charity which supports children with terminal illness in a hospice care in a hospice environment in the South West including Palliative care, emergency care and respite care. Various fund raising events are being organised during my year in office. A collection box with pin badges for donations can be found on the club bar.
Here is an update from Mike’s visit to Charlton Farm on 17 Dec 2015:
“I visited the Children’s Hospice South West at Charlton Farm yesterday and met Olly Slym, our local Community Fundraiser to discuss how / what support we need to raise funds for CHSW.
We discussed ways we planned to raise money and he also suggested several other possibilities which I have taken on board. My wife Helen is going to do their sponsored “5K Rainbow Run” in June to raise money for our appeal.
It costs £10M per year to run the Hospice. While the majority of their work is in the area of respite care, giving families time away from the pressures of the day to day living with a child with a life threatening illness, they also offer hospice care for end of life patients as well as bereavement support for parents and siblings.”

The Seniors Charity cause for 2014/2015 was Prostrate Cancer UK during the captaincy of Brian Clutterbuck.

A magnificent effort from the very generous members of SVGC raised £3828.67, and Brian, along with Vice Captain Mike Newell, presented a cheque for this amount to a representative of the charity on Wednesday 16th December 2015